What to Expect

Family sessions are an opportunity to create lasting memories that reflect your connection. Photographs  can communicate your legacy of love and personhood, preserving an important part of your life for generations.

Before photographing, I invest time in getting to know you, building trust and comfort. In doing so, my hope is that your family will be able to relax during the session, allowing authentic expressions to come through.  Getting to know you and your vision will also help guide us in making decisions about locations that will accurately reflect your family and be a comfortable environment.

For most of us, some of our most treasured photographs are those of our family. For this reason I always encourage you to print your images so that you might have a tangible, regular experience with your memories.

How do you capture those candid moments?

When you come to your photo session, please come prepared to be yourselves. Sometimes that involves talking about it with your family ahead of time, having stories to tell and a willingness to play and connect with each other. Allowing your young children to explore and play is perfect! When you arrive in that space and mindset the candid moments exist and I will be there to capture them with you.

We want formal pictures, is that something you offer?

During a family session I will take a few formal photographs. However, the session is primarily geared toward candid imagery.

What do we wear?

For family I always suggest color! Avoid wearing gray  or distracting patterns. For newborn sessions, black, white or color work well. Colors that flow together but that are not an exact match work best. Most importantly, choose something you are comfortable in and that reflects the environment where your photo shoot is taking place. For example, avoid wearing dress pants or high heels in a wilderness landscape.

Do you travel for a family session?

I photograph outdoor family sessions in the Boulder County area. If you would like your session outside of that area, please get in touch and we can discuss travel options.

What to Expect
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  • "Absolutely PRICELESS. "
  • "Oh my goodness…I LOVE the photos! They are so beautiful! Thank you for capturing so perfectly our little family!"