What to Expect

Photographing a wedding is meaningful and honoring work to me, as you often share the most sacred and vulnerable moments of your wedding day in the presence of your wedding photographer. At the heart of this work is relationship, building trust and openness so that you feel safe and comfortable expressing your authentic selves in front of the camera. Stepping into this connection together allows me to see you as you are, to hold your perspective and vision, and to advocate for your intentions. Knowing you and what moves you lends me insight into your experience and what you value so that I might document what is most sacred to you. Investing in this personal and intentional process offers the opportunity to capture moments that inspire memory, emotion, and connection. Your photographs are evidence of your life and your experience. I believe your photographs should be as unique as you are and that is why you can expect me to care and investigate who you are and what matters most to you.


Wedding celebrations are a deeply personal process. For this reason I love to meet with all couples prior to booking, whether in person or via Skype/Facetime, to get to know you, how you love, and your wedding-day vision.

What is your wedding photography style?

Honest, vulnerable, intimate and authentic.

Do we receive all the digital files?

Yes, you will receive all high-resolution digital files, both on an online gallery as well as a USB mailed to your home.

Do you work with a second shooter?

Yes, though the option is up to you. A second shooter can be helpful for some celebrations and unnecessary for others. We can talk about how to make a decision that is right for you.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! I love to travel for weddings! I do not charge a travel fee. Travel expenses depend on location and often times I offer a discount to travel to amazing places. Get in touch for more information.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. I have a full coverage insurance policy and also carry backup gear.

What kind of weddings to you enjoy photographing most?

I love photographing weddings that are personal and unique to the couple, surrounded in love and support by family and dear friends. My ideal weddings are outdoors or unconventional venues, where the details, traditions and energy reflect the connection of the couple and who they are. Often times I find smaller weddings more intimate and personal.

What is your professional training?

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from The Art Institute in Denver, Colorado. This education taught superior technical skill while fostering creative vision. My education consisted of studio, advertising, product, portrait, photojournalism, etc. All that to say I am a stickler for technically sound imagery and consistency. When hiring a professional photographer you should expect professional quality in all your photos, not just a few, and that your photographer is capable of delivering professional quality regardless of the setting or lighting.

What to Expect
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  • "Holy sweet heavens... I honestly have no idea what to say to you in gratitude, other than I am completely FLOORED by your absolutely beautiful powerful gift. We are AMAZED!"
  • "These photos brings back all the emotion and excitement from the actual day, and will help us relive the precious memories for the rest of our lives."
  • "Absolutely fantastic!"
  • "The photos are SO incredible! I had high expectations and you completely exceeded them all!"
  • "Megan, these pictures are absolutely incredible! We've cried a few times while looking at them already."